Represented Companies: Songwon

Korean manufacturer of antioxidants and light stabilizers additives, running most modern large scale production plants. Is the only antioxidants manufacturer effectively integrated with its own raw materials production, being able to guarantee to clients total supply security, even on times of general scarcity. On additive manufacturing since 1965, started on 2008 worldwide distribution under its own brand, to quickly become one of the two largest global producer of antioxidants.

Products Line

Polymers Stabilizers

Phenolic Antioxidants
Aminic Antioxidants
Phosphite Antioxidants
Thioester Antioxidants
HALS – Hindered Amines Light Stabilizers
UV Absorbers

PVC Stabilizers

Metal Soaps
Mixed Metal Stabilizers
Organo-Tin Stabilizers
Organo-Tin Intermediates
Lubricants and Auxiliary Stabilizers

Coating Stabilizers

HALS – Hindered Amines Light Stabilizers
UV Absorbers


Synthetic Leather
Thermoplastics Polyurethanes
Surface Agents

Tin Catalysts and Intermediates

Catalysts – DBTO – DBTDL – DOTO
Intermediates – MBTC – DMTC – DBTO