Represented Companies: Songwon

Korean manufacturer of antioxidants and light stabilizers additives. One of the two biggest antioxidants additives manufactures in the World. Has been investing on new and modern large scale plants, while the competition has been obliged to close their old and antieconomic plants. It is the only antioxidants manufacturer totally integrated with its raw material production, gaining on supply security and on production costs. Although being an additive manufacturer since 1965, only on 2008 started worldwide distribution under its own brand. During this period became the second biggest seller of antioxidants around the world.

Products Line

Stabilizers for Polymers

Antioxidants Phenolics
Aminics Phosphites
Thioester Antioxidants
UV absorbers

PVC Stabilizers

Metal Soaps
Mixed Metal Stabilizers
Organo-Tin Stabilizers
Organo-Tin Intermediaries
Lubricants and Auxiliary Stabilizers

Compostos de Estanho

Estabilização de Polímeros
Coating para Vidros


Synthetic Leather
Thermoplastics Polyurethanes
Surface Agents