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Fine Organics is an Indian company specialized on oleochemicals. Working exclusively with vegetable-origin products, it has a complete line of slipping agents, mould release agents, lubricant agents, antiblocking agents, anti-collapse and antistatic agents for several polymers. Their products stand out for the high purity level and higher quality compared to competition for being produced in the most technologically advanced plants in the world. Present on the Mercosul for over twenty years, through Nexo International, is nowadays the biggest supplier of these additives families on the region.

Products Line

Additives for Polymers

Additives for Polyolefins
Additives for Engineering Plastics
Additives for Expanded Polyolefins
Additives for Rigid PVC
Additives for Plasticized PVC

Additives for Ink

Slip agents


Additives for Rubber

Process Enhancers
Slip agents
Antiestatic agents
Additives for PVC/NBR blends:
Dispersing agents